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Red Square

TV Series TV Series

Release: 2021
Genre: Action, Drama, Mystery
Director: Ebrahim Ebrahimian

The series of The Red Square, directed by ebrahim ebrahimian and written by sara soltani and ali masoudi nia , produced in 2020 by Javad Norouzbeigi. The series was broadcast exclusively on Filimo.

The Story

A woman named Sheeda (Mehtab Karamati) unwittingly enters a deadly game that is founded by her late husband and a foreign terrorist. In order to save her sick daughter, Shida has to go with three notorious and influential smugglers named Pop (Hamid Farrokhnejad), Toraj Mobini (Ali Musfa) and Abd Makin (Saeed Dakh) for a while.


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Behind the scene - Keivan Jamali