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The Fall

TV Series TV Series

Release: 2023
Genre: Action, Drama
Director: Sajad Pahlevanzadeh

The series of The Fall, directed by Sajad Pahlevanzadeh , produced in 2022 by Mohammad Reza Mansouri. The stars of the movie are Elnaz Malek، Abbas Jamshidi Far، Sajad Babaei، Ebtesam Baghlani، Amin Miri and Vahid Aghapoor.

The Story

A love story is told in the Fall series, but it is set against the backdrop of a political and espionage incident. The Fall should be seen as the narrative of the bravery of Iranian women. Women who, regardless of the circumstances, make an effort to wrest their rights away from an oppressor. In this story, a young woman from Iran is kidnapped by the enemy, and in the synopsis of the plot of the Fall, it is said that this girl was kidnapped by the antagonist.

“After some challenging times early in their life together, Aisan and Jakan’s love for one another is rekindled. They decide to tend their tree of love by going on a honeymoon, which turns out to be a voyage that ends in darkness.” By casting characters from a variety of Iranian ethnic groups and putting more of an emphasis on the performances of younger actors, this story has been transformed into an intriguing espionage thriller.


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